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With the war that the aggressive neighbor started in Ukraine against the peace-loving people of that nation, our heart completely breaks for all the innocents that are suffering now. Our church members almost to a person have relatives, friends, and those near to them in Ukraine who are currently suffering. Thousands of people are already displaced, while millions of people in Ukraine are facing an imminent humanitarian crisis. They urgently need medical supplies and relief. We ask that you join us to please help them now.
We are collecting funds to help in multiple ways for those affected in the war in Ukraine.


One of our main methods is working with an existing Humanitarian organization in Ukraine called Gesture.  Also, since we have links with multiple churches and individuals in Ukraine, if a request for help arrives we also provide funds to meet these needs.

Where are the funds going to?

One of our biggest destinations for our funds is a Charity named Gesture. Due to the war in Ukraine, the organization is being utilized as a vehicle to provide relief and funds to war refugees, those that have been negatively impacted by the war, and displaced persons. 


In addition, due to the large number of relatives that are still in Ukraine, we receive requests for help from other places in Ukraine. We then provide funds for the needs there. A good portion of our costs are used that way.


At this time we have two members of our Church that have traveled to Poland and then Ukraine to volunteer and help there.

What specific work is being done?


We will attach videos and pictures as soon as we receive them to this page. Very often the video themselves have narration in Ukrainian, and for some of them we try to add captions if possible.

Also Gesture ( will be updating as well. Some of the pictures and videos there, will be on this website as well.


  • Currently there are refugees that already have arrived to Kovel and the Oblast (analogous to a state in the US), volunteers have housed them in their own homes.

  • Cots are being gathered and provided to those that need extra bedding, basic necessities and hygiene products are provided to those in need and affected by the war.


  • The Polish border is close by and the large crowds and long lines there necessitate that water and food be provided to those waiting to leave to Poland.

  • The Territorial Defense have certain needs like phone power-banks, camo netting. Volunteers provide these items as well.

  • Food is being bought in Poland, the Baltic states and then loaded into Sprinter vans and trucks, and then ultimately brought over the border into Ukraine to existing Charities and churches in the Western Ukraine. Then volunteers load up vans and bring the food to the rest of Ukraine. Some of these are Kiev, Kharkiv, and other military hotspots.


  • Because the situation is very fluid, these funds will be for providing help to the refugees from the worn-torn regions of Ukraine.

How you help?

At this time we are collecting funds to transfer over to Ukraine. You can use the form below to Donate.

Or write a check and mail to our Address at 797 John Dodd Road, Spartanburg SC 29349.

Thank you and may God bless you.

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Help Ukrainian Refugees


Thank you for your donation!

Ukraine Relief

Ukraine Relief

Ukraine Relief
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Volunteers Are Preparing Food to the border

Volunteers Are Preparing Food to the border

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Volunteers Working on Camo Nets

Volunteers Working on Camo Nets

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Border With Poland

Border With Poland

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